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Dive into the world of woodworking with our 2-day beginner class, where you'll gain hands-on experience constructing a stunning Chira wall. This workshop is perfect for those new to woodworking and eager to create a unique, decorative feature. 


By the end of the class, you'll have crafted your own Chira wall, perfect for adding an artistic touch to any party or event. Don’t miss this chance to develop new skills and create a beautiful, custom piece of decor!

Chira Walls Beginner Class - E1

    • Basic woodworking techniques and proper tool usage
    • Step-by-step guidance on designing and building a Chira wall
    • How to select and prepare materials for intricate woodworking projects
    • Essential safety practices to ensure a smooth and secure building process
    • All necessary materials and tools
    • Expert instruction from experienced woodworkers
    • Personalized assistance and support throughout the project
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